About Texans for Parental Choice in Education

Texans for Parental Choice in Education (TPCE) exists to bring awareness to parents about the legislative process and present to them a vehicle to express their support for legislation that will provide access to a variety of opportunities for a child’s education journey. TPCE is an established 501(c)(4).

Texans for Parental Choice in Education aspires to accomplish the following:

  • Build awareness within the faith-based parent community of this upcoming issue and priority during the Legislative Session;
  • Routinely communicate with parents about the issue and relevant progress as it moves through the legislative process;
  • Provide digestible messaging to the parent community that can be easily shared within their local networks;
  • Organize engaged parents to participate in the legislative process at their own pace and in meaningful ways that adapt to their availability but still have a palpable, compounding impact;
  • Identify parents who are interested in testifying at committee hearings and prepare them to do so;
  • Dispel the myths of choice in education and promote the benefits to a child’s long-term education success.
  • Be an ally and partner with like-minded groups to create a united front;
  • Provide the vehicle for parents to have their collective voice represented and heard on the importance of parental choice in education today.

Our Board Members

Will Cravens

Charlene Bradau

Larry Massey

Trey Strake

Jessica Colón